Friday, 20 July 2012

How to Update Samsung Galaxy ACE S5830 with Galaxy S2 Styled Custom ROM Firmware

Having a Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 smartphone and liked the way Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100’s overall interface? Now, am not telling you top exchange your ACE for S2 but a custom ROM which will help you to turn your SAMSUNG Galaxy ACE look like S2 interface. Please note that this custom ROM installation will require you to root your ACE which in turn will void the warranty, but not to worry as you can undo this warranty void easily by updating with any of the Stock firmware update. Just in case if you need any help on this front then let us know the same in the comments section. Also, be informed that this is not an official firmware update released by Samsung Electronics Ltd.

If that’s not enough then we will also discuss on what are the highlight features of this custom ROM firmware along with the screen captures on how this one will look like after installing with this firmware. We request you to follow all the mentioned instructions properly so as to facilitate smoother and safer firmware update process. We are really thankful to the developer Spacecaker of XDA who has made this custom ROM firmware for Galaxy ACE.


We have made sure in all respects that all the information regarding the firmware update is mentioned correctly in this article. We hold no responsibility in any manner just in case if any damage happens to your Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830.

Features of Galaxy S2 ROM for ACE:

  • Based on 2.3.5 XWKS2/XWKS9
  • Filesystems is EXT 4
  • CF-Root
  • Root And deodexed
  • App2sd activated and tweak manager is available
  • BlUE Overglow scroll glow enabled
  • LagFree V3 THX TO SLAID480
  • SGS II Bootanimation THX to spacecaker
  • CRT Off enabled
  • Extended Power menu
  • TW 4 launcher (it looks almost exactly like TW4 but its a highly modded SGS LAUNCHER
  • SGS II Status Bar
  • Battery % style
Procedure to Update Samsung Galaxy ACE with S2 Styled Custom ROM Firmware:

  • Now, you need to connect your Samsung Galaxy ACE with the computer with the help of the USB cable. Copy the zip file in your phone, ensure that you are not placing the file deep into the sub folder.
  • After copying the file, turn off the phone and remove the connected USB Cable so as to enter the phone into the recovery mode.
  • The recovery mode in the Galaxy ACE can be entered by Holding Menu Button and then Power ON the device. If the device turns ON in the normal mode then you need to try again to enter into the recovery mode.
  • In the recovery mode, you need to select “install zip from sd card” > “choose zip from sd card” and then choose the S2 Zip file which is placed in the phone.
  • Once the file is updated successfully, you will have to select “++++ Go Back ++++” > “reboot system now” to reboot the phone. And there you go, you have now successfully updated the Galaxy ACE S5830 with the latest firmware of S2 custom firmware.
Tip: Due to some reasons if the update process gets failed or interrupted, then you need to apply the update again by following the steps again from the start. Don’t forget to restore the backup which you have taken in the initial steps.


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