Sunday, 3 June 2012

Finding recent files

I recently created/edited a file but cannot remember its name, nor its location. What’s a quick way to find it?
Surely you remember what kind of file it was? If so, Windows Search will help you track down the straggler without a problem. Press Start, then click Search to open up the search window. If the left-hand sidebar you’ll see some fields that let you specify what you’re looking for. Below the Search Now button is a link titled Search Options > > >; click it. Among the new set of options that appears, check off the box next to Type. Another new option will appear – a dropdown box that lists every possible type of file on your computer. Select which kind of file you’re looking for and hit the Search Now button. When the computer finishes searching, scroll to the right of the search results and look for the Date Modified column. Click on the words Date Modified until your search results are ordered by date in descending order, then take a look at the top few files and see if one of the names jogs your memory.


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