Thursday, 17 May 2012

Some tweaks to Stay Safe on Facebook !

I see a lot people complaining that their facebook account was Hacked or Hijacked . I personally think that if you have high security on your account it becomes very difficult for the hacker to exploit it.
I've seen pics of a number of girls in various pages/groups and it is evident that those pictures are illegally taken from the accounts of girls and now are being exploited. These are some things which are over looked by many people using facebook, if taken care of,they can increase the security of your account many times :)
Here i tell you some important things which help you to protect your facebook account :

1. Try choosing a unique username for yourself. There is no need to sign in with your email id.
If your username is like 'John' then you can sign in with only typing John in username field and your profile url will be

2. How many of you know that you can backup all you personal data on fb including posts,messages,chats etc..
You should always have a backup to be on the safe side.
You can backup your data by - General account setting>General>download a cope on data (on left side bottom of page).

3. This is important,I'll recommend you to bypass your security question on your own because there is no way by which you can remove it but if someone else knows the answer to the security question of your account,he'll easily hack it,so it is better to have email and phone no. in recovery option than security question ! Once bypassed,security question remains no more part of recovery options !

4. Enable options like Secure browsing , Login notifications  , Recognized devices .

Secure browsing - Enables 'http' tag to the url instead of http ..and HTTPS is more safer and secure.

Login notifications - It tells you about from where your account has been accessed,if you find a fishy location,change password immediately 

Recognized devices-By choosing this option you can specify the devices by which you use facebook,if your account is accessed by an unrecognized device,fb prevents login from that device.

5. I would recommend people (especially girls,as they are most exploited) to make "groups'' in your friend list.Put those people in 'acquaintances' who you don't know or trust less as these are the people who leak your photos.Plus , DON'T add strangers..a bit less comments on photos are surely better than any harassment :P


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