Sunday, 20 May 2012

Some Facebook Tweaks - Be a Facebook Hero !

1.Publish wall posts with any device you want -  You feel jealous of your friends posting status from hi-tech gadgets like Iphone, Android , Mac , Blackberry ? So here's a way out by which you can also post status from any device you want even if all you have is an old pc !
All you have to do is,go to and click on the image there of which device you want to display on your status.Become a hero ! Post status once from ipad then from iphone then from blackberry  etc.. :D

I don't have Nokia 3310 still i posted a status with it .


2.Send images on facebook chat - You can post any image you want on facebook chat !
Go to this site HTTP://SMILEYTI.ME/ and upload the image you want to post and you'll get the code for it which you have to post but in turn you will have to like their page.You can also post emoticons and other images whose codes are already pre built by the site !

An image added by me in chat window.

3.Add Facebook profiles/images in chat - You can add facebook profiles,like pages etc. in facebook chat.All you have to do is type the unique username like this : [[username]]

For example : If i have to post my image in the chat i will type [[shikhil]] and press enter.
You can see the unique username of page or person from the URL/address bar,It is the thing which is inserted after,It will be something like this (it may be a name or simple an id in numbers)

As you can see,i added my profile picture to chat window.


4.Post and empty status - How unique is that ? You can put up n empty status and amaze your friends !
All you have to do for that is type '' @[0:0: ] '' (exclude the commas) in the status menu and press post ! :)

Blank Status !

5.Use - I don't know how many of you know this,most of us have it in bookmarks but who every time time in the url box ''WWW.FACEBOOK.COM'', i'll try making their work easy by telling that you can type '' FB.COM '' instead ! :)

Happy Facebooking Readers ! :)


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